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    How to keep a wild salamander as a pet

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    default How to keep a wild salamander as a pet

    How to keep a wild salamander as a pet
    Perhaps you have seen a neighbor or thought of owning a pet salamander. Well, you can own your own but you need to carry extensive research on caring and obtaining such a beautiful creature. Am sure you don’t want your pet to thrive in harsh conditions, do you? Salamanders are lizard like soft skinned amphibians, usually found around shallow water bodies. There are close to 350 species of salamanders. The creatures are generally shy but there are documented cases of some species having the ability to freely interact with the feeder. In this case they are able to identify the feeder and even call for food. Now, since you have decided to own a salamander for a pet it is imperative to be conversant with your country and city bylaws as it regards to keeping of pets. Some cities prohibit keeping some animals for pets. Here are important instructions on owning a salamander for a pet.
    ·         Establish from the relevant authorities on laws regarding owning such pets. Once you are cleared you can now start finding your pet. You can capture them from wild or get them from accredited breeder. Remember that some species can grow to 5 feet long.
    ·         First you will need to determine the kind of salamander species you want for a pet. For instance, the tiger salamander is considered to be one of the most intelligent specie. This specie can make a good pet companion. Thus, it is critical that you undertake a thorough research on the different species, to determine their care and even feeding needs. Some species are aquatic and thus owning one would entail providing a similar environment to their natural habitat.
    ·         The next step, will involve, creating a habitant for the salamander. It is recommended to provide a class water tank .Since salamanders are amphibians, they often swim in water and bask out in the sunlight. So provide an environment similar to their natural habitat. In this case place sand in the bottom of the glass tank. The tank should be big enough to provide space for swimming. Also create an island for the pet, using soil or even sand and gravel. Always ensure the water is not chlorinated. Ensure the habitant maintain temperature of between 55 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. You can always monitor the habitant temperature by placing a thermometer inside the glass tank.
    ·         When it comes to feeding, Salamanders love insect and thus you are advised to ensure constant supply of insects. The insects you can feed your pet include bloodworms, mealworms and crickets. Feed your salamander once in three days or you can still opt to feed them daily. However ensure there is constant supply of insects. To add nutrition to the pets dies you can give calcium to the salamanders inform of dust.
    ·         Always cover the tank housing your pet
    ·         The water in the tank should be cleaned regularly

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